Dual Monitors – Tool or Toy?


Technology Useful Tools or Toys?

Have you ever felt that some new technology really wasn’t for you? You see something and shrug your shoulders and express outwardly how you really don’t need it because it’s just a toy. But then you use or buy it and within a few weeks start to wonder how you ever lived without it.

Think back to the old days when a fax was the cool tool to own. I’m guessing you wondered how it would work for you and figured it was a passing fad, and you really didn’t need it because mail was working just fine. Then, one day someone showed you how your correspondence would be better, faster and less expensive if you owned a fax machine.

So, you bought one. Time passed and you wondered how you ever got along without it. Must be human nature to be skeptical of new inventions or improvements to technology with which you are unfamiliar.

Then the computer came along. At first that Apple II seemed to you like a geek toy. After all the CPU and the dual floppy disk drives really didn’t have much computational power. “Really, that thing couldn’t possibly do any real work,” you mused. Back then if you had a program called VisiCalc, and Excel like spread sheet, then the computer may have seemed useful. But, spread sheets, who could possibly benefit from those things?

Are you adapting to new technology or just playing with new toys?

Moving forward, laptops, cell phones, smartphones, tablets, and Google Glass are they just toys or are they useful tools? Good question. For me, a geeky type, they’re both, but for you – can you live without them? Could you remove yourself from the “grid” and become a tech recluse?

Humm, I wonder. Here’s one for you. Dual screen monitors for your tower or desktop. Toy or tool? I for one believe two monitors, like two heads, are better than one. Panoramic views are cool and I like the extra desktop space, the virtual kind, that I get using two monitors. I can play stock broker on one monitor, write email on the other. When creating I can have important research info on one monitor and Adobe Illustrator on the other. Or my graphic work on one monitor and the toolbars on the second monitor.

There are dozens of reasons to own dual monitors because they really a useful tool and these days not very expensive. Two 19 inch monitors with mounting stand are less expensive than a 24 inch single monitor, and you get more space. (2 monitors at 19”=38” of viewable space.) Most computers will support the extra monitor and inexpensive upgrades are available if your computer is not equipped.

If you’re interested, I suggest buying two of the same widescreen monitors and a special stand that holds them up off your desk. Get one with a VESA connector on the back of the monitor. The VESA designation is used to standardize the mounting of your monitors. Not all monitors comply with this standard and that would mean leaving everything on your physical desktop.

Last tip; buy two of the same monitors so your panoramic views are consistent. Windows 8 has special, free, panoramic backgrounds and screen savers for those of you enlightened enough to have dual screens.

I wonder how did I ever get anything done with only one monitor. What’s next, operating your home computer from your smartphone? Nah that could never happen. LOL.