Is the PC Dead?

Who Said the PC is Dead?

By Will Claney

“The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated,” stated Mark Twain a great American icon. So it is with the PC, another American icon. One would think by all the news articles that PC sales have tanked, perhaps even ended in favor of tablets or smartphones. While it is true that tablets and smartphones are having a great deal of success in the market, the fact is, the tablet sector isn’t really having a big impact on PC sales. Tablets, smartphones and network capable devices represent a new growth sector of the computer business.

“Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt,” Twain once quipped and the same can be said about the PC business. Just because PC sales aren’t on the front page of every news article doesn’t mean the PC sales are dead. PC sales are still healthy and growing world wide; however, the smartphone is receiving all the press.

“Fourth quarter growth was slightly less than a projected increase of 5.5 percent, but shipments of 92.1 million for the quarter still were the largest ever,” an IDC statement said. “Total shipments for 2010 reached 346.2 million, an increase of 13.6 percent [year-over-year] that was fueled by a strong recovery in the first half of the year,” IDC added.

By another metric, sales in the United States for 2010, 4th quarter, represented about 5.88% of world wide sales. In 2015 it is projected that PC sales in the US will represent about 5.64% of the world wide total maintaining about a 6% growth rate year to year.

Microsoft dominates the market with nearly 80% of all new PCs operating with Microsoft Windows of some flavor, such as Windows XP, Vista, 7 and now Windows 8. Apple chimes in with nearly 18% of sales, with all other operating systems using the remaining 2%.
When considering a new computer you shouldn’t be timid or hesitant about your decision. The PC will be around for many years to come. Because of several very good reasons the PC will continue to have success. Size, features, applications and power will propel the PC business for decades. Just try and crunch a database of names, addresses, zip codes, and the like from a tablet. Tablets, smartphones and some notebooks, just don’t have the power, features or database applications to achieve this objective. The intention for smaller devices like tablets and smartphones is for communication, communication and even more communication.

I recently spoke to one of our customers and she stated her next PC will be a MAC. I asked why. She said it was because Macs don’t get virus infections. Really? Where do my readers come up with such myths? [ – humm, maybe she doesn’t read my articles, gasp!] I like Apples, but PC running Microsoft products are “real” computers, in my opinion, and the only ones capable of doing real work and playing real games.
So, if you’re thinking of acquiring or replacing your PC you’ll be in good company if you purchase a new PC running Microsoft Windows 8.

Next time its about video phones.