One Ring to Rule Them All

By: William Claney

One Ring to Rule Them All

At last, after a long wait, much confusion, and several disappointing starts Windows is set right. It’s a new beginning from Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s new chief executive. He has finally unified Windows so that one operating system works across all platforms. That’s right one Windows to learn, all screens the same. Run a laptop, tablet, smartphone, desktop, workstation or some hybrid thereof, it is one operating system to learn, one software to buy that works across all platforms. We call it Windows 10. So where did Windows 9 go?

The “Start” Menu is Back.
“Boot up a PC running the Windows 10 Technical Preview, and you’ll be dropped off at the ‘oh so familiar’ desktop. A taskbar with familiar looking icons sits on the bottom, and the recycle bin sits in the upper left corner,” according to C/net.
“And then you press the Start button, and are greeted by the return of the Start menu. It’s a proper Start menu too, with your apps all stacked in that endless column of nested folders we’ve all been scrolling since Windows 95. And sitting alongside that column are Windows 8’s lovely Live Tiles, with news-bites and social updates spinning ad infinitum,” they continued.
Not only has Microsoft cured the “Start” issue they have introduced several new features that are sure to become game changers. I would venture a guess that Microsoft is back, and back in a big way.
So Did I Fall Asleep or What?
Whatever happened to Windows 9? Well, Microsoft decided to skip the 9 release and go directly to Windows 10. The changes in 10 are so superior that the new chief, Nadella, put Microsoft on the fast track to get it right, and get it now.

And the Payoff?

In a word, VM. Well, that is not a word but more of a concept. VM or Virtual Machine means one can run multiple applications on a separate computer, all on the same computer. Each VM window is independent of the others meaning if one window crashes, the others are still active. It’s like having multiple computers doing several jobs at once rather than waiting for an application to start, do chores, then close, you leave them all open.

”[This] could be a cure for the confusing mess that is the current Windows 8 PC ecosystem, chock full of laptops that bend over backward or split from keyboards, or simply graft touchscreens onto familiar designs. We should finally see an end to the jarring, generally unsatisfying experience that urges us to dance between the desktop and that weird, full-screen purgatory where Modern apps live,” according to C/net.

So is There More?

Of course there will be more coming from Microsoft. The new chief is energized and focused on the future of computing. “Microsoft’s vision of tomorrow’s ideal operating system is grander still. The goal is to offer a unified experience across devices of all shapes and sizes, and one that will morph to make sense: icons to tap and home screens when you’re on a phone or tablet, but windowed apps and nested folders when you’re armed with a keyboard and mouse” continued C/net.

Well, I couldn’t have said it better myself.