Woops Did It Again

Press Release
For Immediate Release
By: Will Claney

Woops, Did It Again

Did you hear the one about,
“Hi we’re calling from Microsoft because we
noticed your computer is infected with a virus
and you could lose all your data, and we were concerned.”
One hears about computer telephone scams
associated with computer viri far too often.
It’s not random or a seldom occurrence, nor
is it a just idle talk around the water cooler.
It is, in fact, an intentional organized crime scam.
The victims are told they have a virus and should
take action now to avoid further damage to data files.

These phone scam artist make it sound so true,
and you’re off balance because they seem to
know more about it than you. Baloney. Of
course you want to do the right thing, and you
want to protect all your data files. Why do
people continue to fall for this? I really
think it has a lot to do with human nature.
We are by disposition too trusting and receptive
to higher authority suggestions and fearful of
the unknown. Constantly we accept the words of a
pseudo expert far too easily. If they call you,
just hang up; you really can’t hurt the feelings
of a criminal, nor can you be too rude.


Just recently a user received a message over
the Internet that a “scan” had revealed a virus
on their computer and they should call an 800
phone number and speak to a representative to
correct the issue. Woops, they did it. They
let this scammer into their computer to fix an
issue. Well that cost a trip to the bank to stop
payment and a trip to their local professional
to get rid of the “software” installed by the scammer.

If you don’t have antivirus (AV) and anti-malware
(AM) protection it’s likely a little panic ripples
down your spine at the thought you might lose
everything. If you do have a good AV and AM learn
to trust them. Trust comes with use and by
tinkering with them, running them even though
they may run automatically. Get to know and
trust your AV and AM protection. Know the way
they scan, the way they report, the messages it
gives and if a message pops out of nowhere that
is unfamiliar it’s most likely bogus.
So don’t fall for it.

Well, here are some facts brought to you by a
real expert and professional in the business.
First and foremost, don’t panic. Turn your
computer off and call your tech. Second, don’t rush.
If your computer is off, nothing further will
harm you. Third, keep your wits and know this,
Microsoft won’t call you. Heck,
we work with them every day, and they won’t call us.
So, why on god’s green earth, would they call you?
While I don’t mean to say you’re not a VIP with
Microsoft, but they don’t operate that way.
If you have a software issue you need to call an
authorized rep. Call Microsoft if you want, just
don’t expect them to call you back. That’s my job
and the job of every certified Microsoft Partner,
so talk to your local expert. That’s why we’re here.
By the way, for 20 bucks keep backups of your data,
letters, photos, tunes, videos and the lot on a USB
flash drive and you’ll never be a victim.