Downright Malicious

Source: ComputersUSA, By: William Claney

As we enter 2017 we are reminded of the malicious nature of the Internet so I take this moment to remind my readers that Cyber Crime is a vigorous and disgusting enterprise brought to you by degenerates who are the scum of the earth, and they are after you. Yes you, right here in the East Bay of California.
Last year I personally interviewed, met with and chatted with seven people in Clayton and Concord, CA that were victimized and swindled out of an average of $7,000 each. This crime is being perpetrated to young and old alike. No one is exempt from the threat, and only a few are being protected with managed anti-virus, anti-malware with Cyber Security. Globally cybercrime is over one Trillion a year.
Standard off-the-shelf retail Anti-virus and anti-malware are not enough protection. Really, how much of a chance do you have, the individual, to protect yourself against a web of malcontents? There is help but you must commit yourself to protecting your online persona. A quick note, CUSA-Care Security has a superb record protecting its customers against Cyber Criminals.
According to the Department of Justice (Ohio), an indictment recently filed, a couple from Romania are charged with a criminal conspiracy for creating and distributing malware by claiming to be a telegram from Western Union, an update notice from Norton Antivirus or the IRS trying to collect taxes. After the malware was released not only did it “rat-out” their friends by harvesting their email address, it infected them as well. They got away with over 4 million dollars by stealing it from their bank accounts.
“The defendants were also able to inject fake pages into legitimate websites, such as eBay, to make victims believe they were receiving and following instructions from legitimate websites, when they were actually following the instructions of the defendants,” according to DOJ.
Further, “When victims with infected computers visited websites such as Facebook, PayPal, eBay or others, the defendants would intercept the request and redirect the computer to a nearly identical website they had created. The defendants would then steal account credentials, [i.e. login user name and passwords]. They used the stolen credit card information to fund their criminal infrastructure, including renting server space, registering domain names using fictitious identities and paying for Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) which further concealed their identities.” These criminals are typical of the 35 thousand or so currently hacking your computer.
Want to fight back? File a complaint with the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3): The IC3 accepts online Internet crime complaints.
In summary, your existing anti-virus can no longer protect you. Seek out a managed Cyber Crime specialist known as an MSP (Managed Service Provider) who will monitor suspicious activity and kill it. Know you are under attack because it is happening right now to everyone, you included. If they find a weakness they WILL exploit it. Report suspicious activity to the Feds… Happy New Year!