Lucy, You Got Some ‘Splainin to Do

Rickey’s Got A Question

“Lucy you got some ‘splainin to do,” Ricky from ‘50’s sitcom I Love Lucy, says it all if you lose your data or it becomes corrupted, stolen, or held for ransom. In today’s Internet environment there is a lot going on that needs “splainin.”

So you’ve got an antivirus (AV) and you think it’s working okay and you’re protected from computer hacks. But, I have a question for you; if your AV is so damn good why are we getting hundreds of customers every year that are infected? “Splain dat.” Not to mention you have a bloated, performance killer, intrusive, ad-pitching pop-up AV that keeps you guessing if you’re in compliance like AVG, Norton and McAfee.

Now to be fair we used to recommend these AV’s back in the old days, kinda like watching old re-runs of Lucy, those days have passed and you need to catch up. The primary reason we have switched to the Managed Service Provider (MSP) model is simple, you can’t keep up. You can’t keep up with the speed and determination of the hackers by yourself. You need help. MSP end-point AV is the ONLY way to do it in today’s Internet environment.

You see your standalone AV is just that, all by itself, inside your computer, using your computer resources in an attempt to defend you against virus and malware attacks, whereas the MSP model groups an army of computers together, all co-operating to fend off hacks. So your choice is standalone and defend yourself against the hordes of invading hackers, or stand with us and fight back. By the way the cost for an army is the same as standing by yourself.

Okay, so you like your inferior, passé, and problem ridden old AV and switching seems such a bother, well then, you better have a great backup otherwise risk losing everything in an instant. Poof, all your data is gone. Now what?

We just had a customer whose hard disk drive (HDD) just took a dump (that’s a technical term for crashed) and his backup wasn’t working. We tried recovering the data but quickly determined this was beyond our scope and a job for Drive Savers in Novato, CA. They are renowned at recovering data no one else can. Sadly, no luck. The drive had a physical crash, meaning the head that “floats” over the media actually came in contact with the media (disk) causing a scratch that destroyed the drive. Had they been successful the charge would have been $2600.00.

So are you managing your backups like your AV? Once again standing on your own to perform a job that requires extreme technical know-how. If you are a small to medium business without Information Technology (IT) support, what the heck are you doing? Might as well drive around town without a seatbelt, no doors, and a giant target on you that says, “Hit Me, if you can, dare you.”

Nostalgia is great for I Love Lucy black and white re-runs, but hardly a formula for hyper-connected society we live in today. I am telling you not to go it alone, asking you to wake up and start pro-actively managing your computer life. Otherwise we make big-bucks trying to fix everything. Your choice, make the right one. Call us for details.