Harpy Attacks Your Internet Browser

The Harpy

By: Will Claney

The name Harpy comes from the Greek word “snatcher.”
They were hungry, filthy creatures who snatched food,
objects and even people. An annoying phony beast is
now snatching browsers.

While browsing the Internet your computer begins
talking or beeping to you, it locks you out.
Telling you that you are infected and your
computer is disrupting the Internet. If you
don’t call Microsoft’s number and have it
fixed your computer will shut down and be
rendered unusable.

None of these messages are real.
It’s all fake like the mythical Greek Harpy.
The message is designed to alarm you,
scare you, annoy you so you take action.
There is actually nothing wrong with your
computer because you have CUSA Care, the
most powerful military grade Cyber Security
there is. But, there is an annoying
script that keeps repeating until you
turn it off.

If you call the number provided and allow
the hackers access to your computer
first, they disable your security, then demand
$300.00 to $500.00 to unlock (“fix”) it.

How to Kill the Harpy
Keep in mind you are not infected but your
browser is running a script that says you are.
This is a total scam designed to frighten you.

  • Step 1. Locate the Windows logo
    at the lower left of your display and right click it.
  • A menu pops up. Highlight Task Manager
    and right click it.
  • Select your browser (Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, etc.)
    and right click. Select End Task. Done.

Keep it Out
Step 2. Open your browser. (Instructions for
Microsoft Edge, others are similar) find the
Settings button [in Windows 10 click the “ … “
upper right of screen and choose Settings].
Select Clear Browsing History and choose what
to delete from your browser as you exit each
web surf session. Clear everything except passwords.

Another Solution
Or, call us. If you’re a CUSA Care
subscriber this service can be done with
our assistance.

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