Dirty Rotten Scammers

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Computer Related Article
By: Will Claney

I Just Fell for a Computer Support Scam

Ok so you just fell for a PC support scam now what? They said my computer is now fixed. Should I depend on them to have done the job right?

Let’s review, they told you they were from Microsoft, Apple, or the IRS and you have an infection that is causing problems on their network so they will have to shut you down to prevent further damage. To fix this issue call the 800# provided to get technical support to fix it.

Then, they directed you to a site to install a public program to communicate with them. They asked you to setup TeamViewer, Ammyy, or one of many communications programs that allow remote access to your computer.

To convince you of their sincerity (false or course) the scammer provides a bogus report which proves that you are a reckless computer user and should be punished for your evil deed. But, for a fee, they can fix it. Wow that’s so generous of them, isn’t it?

Here’s What to Do:
First, turn off your computer and don’t restart it. Next, call your bank because, “Chances are, if you bank with a larger well-known bank, they will already have experience with this type of scam and will tell you exactly what they can do in terms of putting a security alert on your account, dealing with fraudulent charges, etc.,” according to Lifewire a legit technology information and advice website.

Third, call your local professional and tell them your tale. They will likely ask you to bring the computer into them so they can remove the “tech fixes” the scammer put on your computer. If you ignore these steps it won’t be long before another ransom related attack hits you because part of the “fix” is to infect you with a malicious program. The scammer tech support person will only be too eager to “help” you again, of course the fee goes up. Now all your bank, stock trading and personal records are compromised.

Worse yet, you may be a target of a multi prong scam as Ron Jacobs of Clayton, CA just reported. He got the email, browser and phone call attack nearly simultaneously. Thinking he actually had a problem he should check it out. We were able to re-assure him it was all just a scam designed to intimidate him to action.

Please note, if you have services with a MSP provider, such as CUSA Care Cyber Security, you’re clean and protected. What’s an MSP? Managed Service Providers offer a host of managed computer services. That means they manage your computer for errors, virus, hacks and scams for you. In today’s environment you need all the help you can get. Prices under $10.00/mo.