VPN Means Secure Browsing (Surfing)

By: Will Claney

Is someone eavesdropping on your Internet
communications, are you concerned that your
banking records, private emails, and
account numbers are secure and safe?
Well, if you think you’re being hacked,
you wouldn’t be alone. Many people
feel their computer communications are
being hacked. So what should you do
about it, how do you make certain no one
is peaking?

If you are like so many people these days,
perhaps you are feeling that your data is
being compromised every time you’re on the
Internet. The cure may be a VPN.

A VPN, Virtual Private Network, is a secure
way to communicate from one computer to
another across the Internet. Essentially it
hides your communication by encrypting
your messages to make them private on a
public Internet. The VPN signal piggy-backs
your information on a public network and
makes it secure. Everyone that has the
Internet in their home or office that is
provided by a typical Internet Service Provider
(ISP) like AT&T, Comcast, Wave, etc.
is on a public Internet.

VPNs have been around a long time in the
business world. The software that runs a
VPN was once exclusively on servers and the
clients of servers. A new technology twist
recently developed has made VPN available
to the general public.

According to Wikipedia, the world’s largest
online encyclopedia, “A virtual private
network extends a private network across
a public network, and enables users to send
and receive data across shared or public
networks as if their computing devices were
directly connected…”

According to c|net, an online tech news company,
the best VPN services are ExpressVP, SurfShark
and NordVPN among others. The technical
aspects are not important here, for example
you don’t care if your information is going
to the cloud and the recipient is also on the
cloud to complete the connection. What is
important is both the sender and the recipient
need a high speed Internet service, a subscription
to one of the VPN providers and a high performance
computer on both ends for this to work correctly.

The monthly charge is under ten bucks per user,
again not important, and worth repeating a very
fast Internet and computer to make it work.
The VPN service will slow a regular computer
to a crawl. So, if you’re concerned about privacy.
Bite the bullet, get a fast computer, a fast
Internet service and a subscription to a VPN account.

Like ours.