Easy Backup with Shadow Copy

Only the Shadow Knows

Perhaps you’ve read recent news
about cyber-attacks that invade
your computer, destroy or steal
your data and demand payment to
restore it? There are ways to
prevent such attacks but the
majority of anti-virus programs
are weak and won’t prevent a hack.
A good backup can get you back
up and running with a minimum of
effort and cost. Let’s explore.

I am a big believer in backup
copies, they can be a real life
saver if you lose a file.
The best backups are ones that
can recover everything including
your data, apps, programs and most
of all, your settings. If you have
an app or program that does the
backup for you great, you’re on
the right track.

If you don’t use backups or haven’t
had the time or inclination to try,
perhaps a “quickie” backup process
would get you started. Give yourself
some protection without any expense
or particular fuss. Enter the Shadow,
an app that knows everything, costs
you nothing, and you already have it
installed on your Windows computer.
Technically it’s called a Shadow Copy.

Shadow Copy is free, easy to use and
already built into Windows, all you
need is your fingers to access it.
Really, it’s easy and if you mess it
up, no harm done, just try again.
Here’s how.

  • Use the Search feature
    (Old fashion Magnifying Glass icon –
    next to the Windows icon.)
    Click it and type in ->Restore Point

    The Search brings you to System
    Properties Window.
    System Properties->Go to System Protection
    Tab (you should already be there)
    Click the Configure button
    Click the Turn on system protection
    radio button

    Disk Space Usage->Move slider to 10%
    Click Ok button

    That brings you back to System
    Properties Window.
    Create a restore point right
    now…->Click Create button
    Type a restore point description
    in the box-> (example name) Restore
    Point Original

    You should see a
    System Protection Message …is
    creating a restore point
    Then you should see: The restore
    point was created successfully.
    Click Ok and you’re done.

Easy Peasy – Repeat this process frequently.

If you misplace a file, mistakenly
delete an app or somehow delete
your data and shouldn’t have,
well the Shadow knows where they are.
One can quickly restore files in
an emergency. However, if your
hard drive dies or gets infected
by virus or malware your local
backup will be useless because it’s
on the same local drive.
So, this is not a total solution.

An external drive (device), is a
better way to make backups and may
help if your drive dies. But they
get infected too during a ransom
attack. This is better a solution
for hard drive failure but may not
be useful if you get infected.
Infections jump to all connected devices.

The best practice is to use an
off-site backup service, like ours,
because an infection or drive
failure can’t reach it and we work
to restore everything. Offsite
backups are fully encrypted, private
and secure. Our techs can restore
your computer to the point just
before failure.

If you really don’t want to do backups
yourself let us do it for you for free.
We will Remotely setup your Shadow
Copy backup as detailed above and
show you how to maintain it.
Call 925-672-9989.

Or, better yet, let our service do
all your backups automatically to
our offsite servers. Check our web
site for details, follow the link
provided. To buy the service click
the BACKUP-BUY NOW button on the site.

Now, go do the right thing.