It’s Dead Jim

Final Notice

Windows 7 Has Expired.
You know that – right?
So, this is the last call and
final notice to get the Windows
10 upgrade software for free,
but there is a catch. To avoid
paying for Windows 10 software
you must have a valid Windows 7
ID and you will need a professional
to install it for you.
The do-it-yourself (DIY) update
period has expired and Microsoft
no longer supports DIY free software
updates. If you are a geek and
know how to navigate your way
around Microsoft then you can
still get the free upgrade software.
Larger companies that have Windows 7
installed on 25 computers or more
have an option. Usually the issue
for larger companies stems from
applications they must use in their
business so they may need to buy-time.
Some companies have apps that are
not yet compliant with Microsoft’s
stricter security guidelines so,
there is a pay-to-play option, but
it is expensive, to buy time for the
apps to improve.

Be aware there are issues installing
Windows 10 on your old Windows 7
computer like interference from your
antivirus software, or outdated
hardware, and other issues that can
hinder a clean update. These and
other application issues are why
some business are slow to update.
One of the issues I hear every day
is users are not happy with Windows 10.
My advice – get over it, adopt better
software and let the old ways go, just “get-‘er-done”.

Buy the way, if you have older
versions of Windows 8, you still
qualify for the Windows 10 free
upgrade, but you should get started
now. Windows 10 is a better version of 8.x.

Office Is Next
Last call coming up for Microsoft
Office 2010 as well. If you don’t
have the latest version of Office
or Office 365 now is the time for
planning your next move. Older
versions of Office, like 2010 and
older, are at their end of life in
October 2020 and need to replacement,
very soon!

Microsoft is pushing the SaaS
(software as a service) model very
hard for the simple reason it never
gets old. They keep it fresh,
each time a new version or patch is
available the upgrade is done on
their servers and the user has
instant access to it, no downloading,
no fuss, no muss.
(Muss. What is muss anyway?)
It never gets old, until Microsoft
replaces it, of course. By the way,
Office version 2013 is good until
October 2017.

Installing the newest Office 365 can
break some applications, we’ve seen
it happen. Apps that once worked
well with older versions of Office
now no longer launch. There are
several technical reasons for this;
primary amongst them is the issue of
security and application software not
keeping up with security changes.

Computer professionals are talented
people so hire some talent to sort
through your issues and the best of
luck with your upgrades.
Now go do the right thing.