Chromium, Adamantium or Pandemonium?

What type of monster is Microsoft introducing,
is it a wild beast like the Ransomware virus,
or Trojan looking for data, or an entirely new
humanoid made up of the magical Adamantium
(Marvel Studio’s: Wolverine’s claws)? Possibly,
it’s made with Chromium a new mix of deadly
pathogens in search of your most private
thoughts. Any way it is looked at it spells
pandemonium to most users. Does it track you,
hunt you down and record where you go, will
it cause injury or damage? What is this Chromium
anyway? Okay, relax; everything is going to be
okay because your propeller-head geeks
(like me) are here to help you through this.

You may already have Chromium pulsing through
your computer brains, because this new beast
is spreading like a computer virus. Fortunately,
this is the friendly kind.

Microsoft recently released a updated web
browser known as the “New Microsoft Edge”
to replace the old Edge, and the older
browser Internet Explorer. It can replace
versions of Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari
as well. According to How-To Geek, “The new
Microsoft Edge is based on the Chromium
open-source project. Chromium forms the
basis of Google Chrome, so the new Edge
feels very similar to Google Chrome.
It includes features found in Chrome,
supports Chrome browser extensions, and
has the same rendering engine as
Google Chrome.”

Microsoft has put a Chrome spin on their
popular Edge browser, “The new Edge
offers some features Chrome doesn’t.
For example, Edge has a built-in
tracking prevention feature and a
potentially unwanted program (PUP) blocker.
In keeping with the old Edge’s interface,
there’s a favorites button to the right
of the address bar on Edge’s browser
toolbar. Microsoft is also porting other
features from the old Edge over, including
“collections” for capturing snippets of web
pages and storing them in the same place.”

“If a website was designed for Google Chrome
and didn’t work properly in the old Edge,
it’ll now work properly in the New Edge,”
says How-To Geek. The New Edge
browser may prove to be a monster in time.
However, in my opinion, the New Edge web
browser is destined to become very popular
because the best features of Chrome and
Edge combine to make Chromium enabled browser,
and I highly recommend it.

Pandemonium no more – thanks Microsoft for
getting this right.