Life Has a New Curve

In case you haven’t seen the latest in display
technology take a look at the newest curved
monitors because gamers and professionals
alike can benefit from the unique construction.
Curved monitors provide a more comfortable
close-up viewing experience, reduced distortion
not to mention they are cool.

You want to be cool, don’t you? According
to the Internet, “Curved monitors will produce
a better image in almost every case. This benefit
is especially noticeable on widescreen monitors –
like ultrawide monitors. Ultrawide monitors, as
the name suggests, are “ultra wide”. They’re
longer than an ordinary PC monitor, horizontally

Do you remember when flat panel displays began
to replace your old CRTs (tube monitor)?
At first, it took a while for everyone to
recycle his or her old tubes for flat screens.
Today curved monitors are beginning to take the
place of flat panels and ultra wide screens are
replacing multiple monitors.

I suppose if you aren’t deep in the woods of the
technology revolution one doesn’t notice the
changes that happen every day. It seems as if
you wait a month or two then look back at the
advances one can feel as if you missed something.
So, heads-up, curved monitors are the number
one choice of holiday buying.

Therefore, “Overall, Curved Monitors Are
Preferable for Gaming and Productivity.
All of the above benefits make curved monitors
the preferred choice for gaming and productivity.
Nobody likes to experience blurred version of
eye exhaustion while using the computer.
Curved ultrawide monitors are a way to combat
that phenomenon.”

Oh, did I mention they are very cool?
They offer a more natural viewing experience
and less eyestrain when viewed for long periods
of use. In addition, the extra width creates
lots of room to open several windows and avoid
overcrowding. A similar result as if you had
multiple monitors.

We recommend at least a 24-27” monitor to get
the full effect of the view angles. Larger is
better; too large like a 49”, is kind’a like
being in an IMAX theatre, just a bit overwhelming.

Curved monitors are a necessity for holiday
shopping, but avoid the high prices some of
these monitors charge. Choose one with a
minimum refresh rate of 75 Hz.
Resolution will depend on the overall size
but 1080p is the minimum with 4k the optimum
for price performance, nearly anything in
between will offer great value. Speaking
of price, curved monitors are only a few
dollars more than their flat counterparts are.

What are you waiting for, Christmas?
Go splurge.