Dirty Rotten Scammers

Press Release For Immediate Release Computer Related Article By: Will Claney I Just Fell for a Computer Support Scam Ok so you just fell for a PC support scam now what? They said my computer is now fixed. Should I depend on them to have done the job right? Let’s review, they told you they were from Microsoft, Apple, or the IRS and you have an infection that is causing problems on

YUM, Spam

Press Release For Immediate Release Computer Related Article Less Junk in Your In-box Do you use a computer for email communications and think you are getting too much Spam? Did you know about half of all emails are spam or junk and they clutter your In-box, bring nasty surprises like malware and hacking attacks and are hard to manage? What is Spam anyway? According to Wikipedia Spam

Patches, We Don’t Need No Stink’n Patches

Press Release For Immediate Release Computer Related Article By: Will Claney How to Master Pesky Patches Do you know how to control the software patches, upgrades, updates and new features shoved at you by Microsoft and other third party vendors? Perhaps you have heard of the problems and issues created when a software upgrade fails or has hidden flaws that affect your computer. If you

Harpy Attacks Your Internet Browser

The Harpy By: Will Claney The name Harpy comes from the Greek word "snatcher." They were hungry, filthy creatures who snatched food, objects and even people. An annoying phony beast is now snatching browsers. Symptoms While browsing the Internet your computer begins talking or beeping to you, it locks you out. Telling you that you are infected and your computer is disrupting

Lucy, You Got Some ‘Splainin to Do

Rickey’s Got A Question “Lucy you got some ‘splainin to do,” Ricky from ‘50’s sitcom I Love Lucy, says it all if you lose your data or it becomes corrupted, stolen, or held for ransom. In today’s Internet environment there is a lot going on that needs “splainin.” So you’ve got an antivirus (AV) and you think it’s working okay and you’re protected from computer hacks. But, I have a question

Hackers? We Don’t Know Any Stink’n Hackers

Go Ahead Ignore the Hackers If you were hacked, how much would you pay to get your company, municipality or customer’s data back again? Perhaps a better question would be, what would you pay to prevent the hacking in the first place? It appears you would rather pay big bucks to recover from a hack vs. paying for protection. Humm, what’s up with that? Oh, wait it couldn’t happen to you,