Life Has a New Curve

In case you haven’t seen the latest in display technology take a look at the newest curved monitors because gamers and professionals alike can benefit from the unique construction. Curved monitors provide a more comfortable close-up viewing experience, reduced distortion not to mention they are cool. You want to be cool, don’t you? According to the Internet, “Curved monitors

Reuse of a Password Spells – T R O U B L E

Press Release Computer Related Article By: Will Claney Abracadabra If there were a way to surf the web and never have to remember only one password as long as you live, would you be interested? The reason I mention this is there is a magic app that says, “abracadabra and presto” and your password is automatically recalled for your web site, best of all you didn’t need to memorize a

Chromium, Adamantium or Pandemonium?

What type of monster is Microsoft introducing, is it a wild beast like the Ransomware virus, or Trojan looking for data, or an entirely new humanoid made up of the magical Adamantium (Marvel Studio’s: Wolverine’s claws)? Possibly, it’s made with Chromium a new mix of deadly pathogens in search of your most private thoughts. Any way it is looked at it spells pandemonium to most

Password Management

Password Problems and Solutions -- Are you like many computer or smartphone users when it comes to passwords? Do you have reused passwords on more than one web site? Then this is for you. A password is your secret key to the digital world but they are subject to hacking. Your computer may be secure, but are the companies you buy from secure? Just look at recent hacks

Look Here, Look Here

I Can See for Miles and Miles -- With the right view, one can see for miles and miles because the view of the world from your desktop is more important than ever, and it‘s all made possible with monitors. Modern tech allows users to use Smart TVs as monitors (imagine a 50” monitor), mixed monitors of differing sizes, or a group of contiguous monitors arranged in a matrix.

It’s Dead Jim

Final Notice -- Windows 7 Has Expired. You know that - right? So, this is the last call and final notice to get the Windows 10 upgrade software for free, but there is a catch. To avoid paying for Windows 10 software you must have a valid Windows 7 ID and you will need a professional to install it for you. The do-it-yourself (DIY) update period has expired and Microsoft