As the Wind Blows

Killer Power Failures -- I am not here to say Pacific Gas and Electric California Utility (PG&E) is a mess, can’t control their power lines in high winds and is unable to provide reliable service – oh, woops I just did. That said, understand no matter where you live or which utility service you have, power will go out for everyone, sometime. When power fails it puts a stress on your electronic

Easy Backup with Shadow Copy

Only the Shadow Knows -- Perhaps you’ve read recent news about cyber-attacks that invade your computer, destroy or steal your data and demand payment to restore it? There are ways to prevent such attacks but the majority of anti-virus programs are weak and won’t prevent a hack. A good backup can get you back up and running with a minimum of effort and cost. Let’s

What’s the Difference Between Used and Refurbished Computers?

By: Will Claney At first glance one might think that used computers are the same as refurbished computers, and vice-versa but one would have missed some very important distinctions. The most important of these differences is quality. Pick up any newspaper, if you can find one, and look in the classified ad section and you may find several used computers for sale. Prices

VPN Means Secure Browsing (Surfing)

By: Will Claney Is someone eavesdropping on your Internet communications, are you concerned that your banking records, private emails, and account numbers are secure and safe? Well, if you think you’re being hacked, you wouldn’t be alone. Many people feel their computer communications are being hacked. So what should you do about it, how do you make certain no one is

Wired or Wireless Networks – Secrets Reveled

I have been asked often about network setups and which is better a wireless system or one that is wired. The answers may surprise you. Let’s say you want to install a new network, which could be a simple home Internet connection (WAN wide area network) or a business that needs dozens of connected computers (LAN local area network). What would be better a WiFi (wireless) setup or

Dirty Rotten Scammers

Press Release For Immediate Release Computer Related Article By: Will Claney I Just Fell for a Computer Support Scam Ok so you just fell for a PC support scam now what? They said my computer is now fixed. Should I depend on them to have done the job right? Let’s review, they told you they were from Microsoft, Apple, or the IRS and you have an infection that is causing problems on