Windows Tips – How To Modify Windows

Microsoft Support Videos
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Notice: Some actions presented here are professional grade,
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Most videos run about 2-4 minutes.
Subject is suited for desktops, laptops/notebooks and tablet PC’s.

Windows 7

What’s best Windows XP or Windows 7?
Is your Windows 32 or 64 bit?

Desktop Personalization Topics:

Personalizing your PC
Finding your files
Saving power on the go/laptop or notebook

Performance and Maintenance

Solving common problems using troubleshooters
Using Windows Remote Assistance to get help

Windows 8

Wi-Fi & Networking – Text
Find & organize/SkyDrive – Text
Optimize Your Hard Drive
Multiple Monitors

Windows RT

Note: During Your First Start-up. Be sure to activate your Windows Live email account.
This is important and will save you ooodles of time and frustration.
If you don’t have a Windows Live account, then create one at: Setup Windows Live account
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