Antec TrueQuiet
Chassis/Case 140mm Fan

Antec 140
Antec TrueQuiet
Chassis/Case 140mm Fan
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2-way switch to select fan speed
Unique fan blade and silicone grommets
to reduce turbulence and noise
Tool-less mounting screws for quick
and easy installation

Antec’s TrueQuiet fans bring proven
cooling and Quiet Computing to
your system. Constructed for versatility,
TrueQuiet fans include a convenient
2-speed switch that allows you to
easily choose either silent or maximum
RPM cooling. Because a functional
computer relies on more than just
cooling, TrueQuiet is equipped with
silicone grommets and a uniquely-designed
fan blade to reduce turbulence,
vibration and noise for overall quiet
operation. TrueQuiet comes in two models,
120 mm and 140 mm fan, and is backed
by a 2-year limited warranty on parts
and labour. Upgrade your fans and add
optimal cooling and functionality to
your PC with TrueQuiet.

Price: $24.99
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