APC Network
Battery Backup

APC Battery Back-UPS NS Network
450 VA,
8 Outlet,
120V, 60 Hz,
257 Watts, 340 Joules (BN4001)
Keep your computers & network up when the power goes down.
APC Battery Back-UPS NS Network

Keep your home and office networking equipment working when the electricity goes out. This battery is equipped with a power capacity of 450 VA to provide stable and sufficient power supply for your cable/DSL modems, wireless routers, and VOIP systems. It is designed with 8 Outlets for dedicated battery backup and surge protection. The 120V of Input Voltage provides right amount of power to any device. With its 60 Hz of output frequency regulation, it helps to maintain stable operations. Plus, it is boosted with 257 Watts to provide maximum configurable power. Its 340 Joules enhances the protection level for the device. Grab the APC Battery Back-UPS NS Network now!

What It Is And Why You Need It:

•Help keep key electronic devices, including broadband modems, wireless routers, VOIP (Voice-Over IP) phones and more, powered and ready for use during power outages
•120V Input Voltage; this type of voltage is the right amount for any equipment
•Ethernet surge protection
•340 Joules of surge protection

Price: $69.99