Surge Protector 720 Joules


Belkin BE106000-04 / 6-Outlet / 720 Joules / 4-Foot Cord / Surge Suppressor
Belkin Surge Suppressor
Protect your high end electronic equipment from power surges with the Belkin Surge Suppressor. It features 6 surge outlets that guarantee superior protection for up to 6 devices. A 720 Joules provides maximum protection to all your sensitive electronic devices. The 4-Foot Cord heavy duty cord delivers optimal, safe AC power to devices in the network. Order the Belkin Surge Suppressor right away for optimal protection of your high end devices.

What It Is And Why You Need It:

•6-Outlet; flexible enough to protect up to 6 electronic devices
•720 Joules; provides maximum protection of all your sensitive electronic devices
•4-Foot Cord; delivers optimal, safe AC power through a heavy-duty cord

Price: $14.99
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