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CUSA Managed Services Agreement

The undersigned party hereby agrees, understands and authorizes ComputersUSA! (aka CUSA, CUSA Care, CyberGuards) to provide computer technical support as a Managed Services Provider (MSP). The services are indicated by invoice provided to customer.

This subscription agreement is in effect for a period of 12 months for each service provided beginning from the first billing and according to the amounts referenced in the purchase invoice, and attached hereto. This agreement is in effect for 12 monthly billings.
After the initial 12 month period this agreement converts to month to month.

MSP services may be cancelled at any time, ALL OR IN PART, during the first 12 months with the payment of $39.99 provided the then current charge(s) are current and paid, or as agreed by both parties. After the initial 12 months it may be cancelled at any time without penalty with a 30 day notice and all invoices paid and settled. Party agrees to be billed on their credit card for any outstanding amounts.

CUSA, or its assigns, bare no liability for failures of the MSP process, loss of data, system shutdowns, infections or the like. CUSA MSP services are through our partner SolarWinds n-able and their logo may also appear on services subscribed to.

Any legal action to enforce the terms herein may result in a settlement or judgement for which the prevailing party is entitled to court approved legal expenses.

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