Custom Upgrade
8GB RAM + Quad Q9650 + Partition

Special Upgrade
HSOA Quote
7-8-2015 Expires 7-30-2015

Replace CPU and RAM. Resize RAID drives.

CPU: Remove existing CPU and replace with Core2 Quad Q9650 at 3.0GHz, 1333MHz Bus.
RAM: Remove existing RAM and replace with 2x4GB DDR-2 non-buffered, PC2-5300 (667MHz).
Partition: Repartition RAID Drives – Move 50GB from Data Drive partition (D:) and add it to Programs Drive (C:).

Job will take an estimated 6 hours to complete and certify and must be done in shop.
Warranty: 10 days. Issues arising after the warranty period, or issues not related to the hardware upgrade will be extra.

Parts: $ 659.97 + tax
Labor: $1,020.00
Total $1679.97 + tax

Price: $1,679.97