Data Recovery Diagnostic
recovery diagnostic

Data Recovery
– Diagnostic

Data recovery from a failed media starts with
diagnostics to determine recovery likelihood of your data storage media
(like hard drive, CD disk, Flash drive, etc.) recovery.
We use only specialized industrial strength recovery software.
If we proceed it is only a best efforts attempt and NOT a guarantee.

Attempting to recover data yourself using conventional
retail software can cause further data corruption, thus,
making recovery much more difficult, expensive or unlikely.
As a precaution, when possible, we “COPY” your data before
making the recovery attempt.

Before We Proceed

If our determination is recovery is possible we will
continue the process and give you a bid to perform
the recovery. Our methods are specialized, and we recover data
when your typical tech site can not.

We Can:

  • Recover data from disk, memory card, flash drive crash
  • Recover data from malware or virus infections
  • Recover data from O/S failure (Windows, Mac and Linux)
  • Recover data from non-booting computers, tablets, laptops, etc.
  • Recovery of hard drives done quickly (relative term)
  • Recovery from sector errors
  • Recovery from physical damage (sent out)

If you value your data, take care of it.

Software Crash
Many failures are due to software corruption/damage and
these jobs are done by us locally.

Physical Crash
Occasionally physical head crashes occur when the read
head gets in contact with a spinning platter.
Physical head crashes require a clean
room to repair or recover data. We send these
jobs to a specialist (3rd party).

Disclosure: WE DO NOT Warrant, Predict, or Guarantee
our efforts will yield positive results that your data
will be recovered.

If data is recovered, we add a recovery charge to your
initial diagnostic you will need to provide a clean
media for transfer. Optional media are available
from our store.

Price: from $129.99
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