Data Restore/Recovery
CUSA Care Recovery
File(s), Bare Metal, or Incremental Work

Data Restore/Recovery Billing:
CUSA Care Restore/Recovery depends on the
complexity of the job.

Restore/Recovery pricing is determined by the type of
job needed
and time it takes to perform the recovery
so prices will vary. Recovery is not a fixed price.

Restore/Recovery can be a long process depending on many factors
such as the Internet connection speed, your computer speed, and
various issues we must resolve before, during or after the data
is restored.

  • Simple Files(s) Data Recovery – Estimate is 4 Hours
  • Bare Metal – All Data Recovery – Estimate is 12-24 Hours
  • Bare Metal + Incremental Data Recovery – Estimate is 24-96 Hours
Price: from $299.99
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