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Turn Key Computer Setup

Turn Key Operation

Full Setup For New (or Repurposed) Computers – The Works!
ComputersUSA will open, setup, assemble, transfer
data and programs* and test your new (or repurposed)
computer to make the product you purchased run/start
as smooth as possible We will install/uninstall software,
physically assemble/install components, and review your
security choices.

Features Included:

  • – Everything*
  • – Unbox product & recycle boxes/old hardware
  • – Install battery & charge
  • – Update/patch Windows Operating system
  • – Connect printer, add drivers, software & test
  • – Install/upgrade Cyber Security Software
  • – Install/upgrade Malware Software
  • – Install software purchased from CUSA
  • – Install software not purchased from CUSA*
  • – Install hardware purchased from CUSA
  • – Copy Data from old computer to new computer.
  • – Install programs/apps from old computer*

*Some programs may not transfer and require re-installation.
If you have the product keys/registration information and
the program you are installing is compatible with the then
current Windows software, we include this action.

Price: $279.99
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