Basic Diagnostics

Frightened computer user
Basic Diagnostics

CUSA will attempt to determine the computer’s issue with a
free test that can last upto 15 minutes. We will inspect the
computer circuts, power on the computer, take your information.

This free test is only to verify your issue
you are experiencing. If other issues arise, or are not disclosed
or detected, further testing under Advanced Diagnostics
will be required.

Advanced diagnostics is our best effort at identifying the
problem or issue you are experiencing with your computing device.
CUSA will diagnose ONE problem.
If other issues exist, your job
may become custom.

  • In an hour, CUSA will use its best efforts to
    determine the problem or issue.
  • CUSA will perform our exclusive 12 Point Check Up.
  • Customer Agrees we work on a best efforts basis,
    therefore CUSA and staff take no responsibility for hardware,
    software, data or application loss during the diagnostics or
    repair process.
  • If further testing or determination is required CUSA will
    request your permission to convert your job to custom. Custom Rates.
Price: $0.00
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