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$0.00 Diagnostics Basic In Shop Diagnostics Basics – 15 Minutes Free
$99.99 Diagnostics Advanced In Shop Diagnostics Advanced – 1 Hour.
$119.99 Data Recovery-Diagnostics In Shop HD Data Recovery Attempt + Bid to Recover.

$54.99 RAM Installation RAM Installation and Test.
$54.99 Base Rate:PC Hardware Repair + Parts
$169.99 PC Hardware Repairs Hardware Repairs
$199.99 Windows Laptop Repairs
$199.99 Fix O/S or Repair Issues for PC
$229.99 Apple Repairs

$39.99 Save Data with Format/Reload of OS
$54.99 1/4 Hour Additional Labor
$119.99 Install Customer’s AV/AM Software
$189.99 Load OS w-Updates/Clone Only
$199.99 Remove Threats – Add Protection Go to link for details.
$259.99 Turnkey Dealer Prep
$19.99 Security Review – Required

3.99/min.+ $29.99 Start Session Help Desk
Info about CUSA-Care Support 24/7 Monitoring – Click here

My CyberGuards-Members
$9.99 Start Session + $3.99/minute
$1.99/mo. CUSA Care Health Monitoring (DOC) PC
$1.99/mo. CUSA Care Patch Management (PATCHES) PC
$6.98/mo. CUSA Care Cyber Security (CHX) PC
$79.99/yr. CUSA Care Cyber Security (CHX) PC Subscription
$9.99/mo. CUSA Care Backup to 250GB
CUSA Care Options – Link for Details

$19.99/mo. Auto Billed 12mo. Business Contract Rate Discount of 20% on all services.
$ 39.99 Pickup Or Delivery Onsite Pickup and Delivery – Door-to-Door No Setup.
$225.00/ Hr. On Site + $54.99 1/4 Hr. Increments

Warranty not in force if recommended work is not performed by CUSA.
Prices subject to change without prior notice.

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