SATA Backplane SC529DP/WS/BRP

SATA Backplane for Server

Six-drive hot swap SATA/SAS backplane assembly.
Compatible with either SAS or SATA 3.5” hard drives. Includes: board,
six drive carriers, six SATA cables, six-slot drive bay, two I2C cables,
common installation guide, SATA/SAS config label.
Requires APP3HSDBKIT bracket kit when installing in SC5295DP/WS/BRP chassis.

This is also a replacement part for AXX6SATADB.
Compatible with:

  • Intel® Entry Server Chassis SC5295DP,
  • Intel® Entry Server Chassis SC5295WS, and
  • Intel® Entry Server Chassis SC5295BRP
  • Intel Product Code: 875063
    UPC: 735858178662

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    Price: $189.99
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