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Labor Warranty on Repairs

All repairs are warranted against defective, inaccurate, or incomplete service for a period of 30 days. While we strive to complete jobs and double check the results, errors can be made and we will attempt to rectify them to the best of our ability. You must present or make us aware of an issue within 30 days of the final invoice date.

Parts Warranty

All parts we sell are warranted for 30 days against defect. At our option we will repair or replace the defective part. We do not offer refunds for parts returned, although a store credit may be issued in some instances. The manufacturer warranty is effective for the period they specify, check with them for details.

Warranty – Refurbished BTO Diablo or Dell Branded Computer

CUSA will warrant a factory refurbished computer for a period of 3 months after the purchase against defect or hardware failure. We do not warrant the software unless a specific software warranty is seperately purchased.

Warranty – Used Computer

CUSA will warrant a used computer sale for a period of 10 days after the purchase against defect or hardware failure. We do not warrant the software unless a specific software warranty is separately purchased.

New BTO Diablo Computers All Models

The BTO Diablo Computer Warranty covers Mechanical or Electrical defects for each of the components (hardware) in your BTO Diablo Computer computer. We will repair, replace or substitute the defective part at our cost FOB Clayton, CA. during the warranty period. Our coverage is limited to the cost of the component(s) plus our time to install and test the replacement part. You are responsible for all other costs, such as shipping & insurance, associated with getting the computer to and from our repair facility. If you ship you must have insurance in adequate amounts to cover the cost of replacement if lost or damaged.

Operating System and Application Software:
There is no application/utility software warranty expressed or implied. Due to the nature of software and it’s method of registration, activation and product ID keys it cannot be returned to BTO Diablo Computer once it is opened, used or received by the customer. The customer must seek repairs or replacement directly from the manufacturer. The manufacturer may refuse replacement or refund, or may require an additional fee for a new copy or Product ID key. If we reuse a customer’s license key it is at their specific request and the customer accepts all responsibliity thereupon.

Data Not Covered:
You are responsible for data, data storage devices and/or program(s) losses as a result of any hardware failure and reloading or restoring the Operating System (O/S such as Windows 98, XP, etc.) or the reloading of application programs corrupted during the hardware failure process.

This warranty does not cover failure due to abuse, loss or breakage which includes shipping, improper setup or component attachments, acts of God, failure caused by the power spikes, surges or outages by the Power Company as evidenced by power supply failure or blown or shorted components on the motherboard, or failure caused by third party components. This includes, but not limited to, earthquake, flood, electrical storms, power or transformer failure and other such acts, which are unforeseeable, any component supplied to BTO Diablo Computer by the customer or damaged caused to components installed by BTO Diablo Computer by customer supplied components.

(Rev. 06012014)
Compatible Hardware or Software:
We do not warrant, expressed or implied, that our equipment is compatible, works with, fixes, or corrects third party hardware or software issues, needs or expectations, even if discussed during the build or quote process. There are simply too many variables. If third party hardware of software fails to perform to the manufacturer’s specifications or the customer’s expectations we are not responsible. However, we will recommend methods to correct or modify the hardware of software at additional costs.

Insurance Coverage/Claims:
Loss or breakage in shipping must be referred to the respective carrier for reimbursement under the insurance claim. All computers are tested and certified in excellent working condition prior to shipping. A component which doesn’t work has been damaged in shipping.

Do not send a damaged shipment back to BTO Diablo Computer; we cannot accept it. It will void your warranty and it may void the shipping insurance which is placed on the shipment in your behalf. You must contact the shipping company and make an insurance claim.

To claim a warranty repair you must print and follow the instructions under Return Merchandise Authorization “RMA”. An RMA request form and number must be included with any returned items. In addition, we may fix your BTO Diablo Computer for failures not under warranty, however applicable charges will apply. See RMA procedures on our web page.

If component(s) are restocked their will be a restocking fee of 25% of the original sales price. You must follow the RMA procedures.

(Rev. 06012014)
Prevaling Law:
This agreement is deemed to be executed in Clayton, CA 94517 on the date of the final invoice. If legal action is required to defend our position the prevailing party is entitled to recover all attorneys fees and court costs. Everyone agrees to use arbitration to try and resolve disputes if they arise.

Customer understands and agrees to accept these terms and conditions when the final invoice is created and presented to customer through the normal course of business.

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