CUSA Care: MSP-Managed Services:
Cyber Security, Health Monitoring
Backups, Patch Management, Mail Assure

CUSA Care Medium
Managed Services:
Cyber Security
Health Monitoring
Automatic Repairs

ComputersUSA 925-672-9989

When we say “Managed Services” we
mean that we do the work for you. Updates, scans
and progress monitors no need for you to anything.

CUSA Care: Cyber Security

CUSA Care Cyber Security your fully automated Army
against hacks. Military Grade Anti-Virus,
Malware Prevention, Ransom blocking, anti-Trojan,
and hacking prevention. The ultimate anti-virus.

We manage the scans, downloads, updates, and virus
removals for you. No pop-ups, no interruptions
and no maintenance required from you. Transferable.

  • PC Cyber Security & Monitoring – $6.99/month, $79.99/yr.
  • Servers Cyber Security & Monitoring – $14.99/month, $159.99/yr.
CUSA Care: Backup

In an Instant…
Offsite Automated Managed Backups

Poof, in an instant your data, photos, documents
can disappear. Hackers, hard drive failures,
fire, theft and user errors. POOF!

Subscribe to CUSA Care: Backup. 256 Bit data encryption
100% HIPAA compliance, fully automated.
Fully customizable. We do everything for you.
Data compression apx. 4 to 1.

  • PC’s/Workstations Home from $9.99/month, $79.99/yr.
  • Servers Small Business from $39.99/month, $439.89/yr.
  • Servers Medium Business from $69.99/month, $699.99/yr.

CUSA Care: Patch Management

Patch Manager – Windows Patches
for Workstations and Servers

Computers constantly need updates,
patches and upgrades but those processes
can interrupt your work day or delay the start
of work by rebooting endlessly. Patch management
can control when, where and how your computers
update. It knows which updates are important,
critical, and when should they be applied.
It keeps track of what’s important and updates your
equipment on your timetable.
CUSA-Care monitors updates, patches and
installs the right software, at the right time for you.

  • CUSA Care: Patches-Workstation $2.99/mo.
  • CUSA Care: Patch Management-Server $9.99/mo.
CUSA Care: Mail Assure

Stop SPAM in it’s tracks, before it gets into your
email account(s).

Works in the cloud so your computer doesn’t use
resources, that slow you down. Control Junk and SPAM
before it invades email.
This is the time and money savings alternative to
deleting unwanted emails yourself.

  • CUSA Care: Mail Assure-Workstations $2.99/month, $29.99/yr.
  • CUSA Care: Mail Assure-Servers $9.99/month, $99.99/yr.

(Due to the complexity of email there is a minimum $99.99 charge for

Documents You Need

Documents required for CUSA Care: Cyber Security:

Documents required for CUSA Care: Backup

Suggestion: Print documents, fill in and sign
take cell phone photo, or scan document and email to:
Or US Mail to:
ComputersUSA, 5433 Clayton Road, Suite M, Clayton, CA 94517
Call 925-672-9989 for other options.

Price: from $2.99$2.99
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