CUSA Care: Managed Services
Cyber Security, Health Monitoring
Backups, VPN, Patch Management, Mail Assure, Browser Ad Blocking

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Managed Services

Get One or Get them All
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When we say “Managed Services” we
mean that we do ALL the work for you.
We do the updates, scans, backups, VPN
etc. for you. So sit back and enjoy
your computer again.
We are your local reps for these
“best of breed” products, managed
locally for you.

CUSA Care: Cyber Security

CUSA Care: Cyber Security is your
fully automated defense against
all virus, malware, ransom attacks
and hacks.
Best of Breed Military Grade Anti-Virus,
Malware Prevention, Ransom blocking,
anti-Trojan, and hacking prevention
from Bitdefender.
This ultimate anti-virus version not available
in stores or online.
Rate Your Antivirus

We manage the scans, downloads,
updates, and virus removals for you.
No pop-ups, no interruptions
and no maintenance required from you.
Portable and transferable from computer
to computer, city to city,
state to state.
Current price is $6.98/month.

CUSA Care: Backups

Backup Your Computer

Article: Easy Backup with Shadow Copy
Data loss happens due to computer
and human errors, hacking or disasters.
Backup your data, photos, documents
before they disappear. Best of breed
from SolarWinds & CUSA.
Hackers, hard drive failures,
fire, theft and user errors.
Hard Drive failures happen without
warning – how will you get your computer
backup and running?
Our Backup service gets all your data,
programs, apps, photos, documents, movies
or whatever you have just lost, is now
restored. Best of all, we restore your
computer just where you left it before
the failure.

  • 256 Bit data encryption means you are the
    ONLY one on the planet that can read
    your content.
  • 100% HIPAA compliance
  • Fully Automated
  • Customize frequency and time of backup
  • Off Site Secure Servers
  • No Data Limits
  • We do everything for you.


Annoying ADS Blocker

Arrrgh! Those damn pop-up ads are driving me
STOP those annoying pop-up ads that screw with
my web browser like Edge, Chrome, Safari, etc.

Best of breed ad blocker from uBlock Origin.
We install and configure it for you.
Call us 925-672-9989 and we will remotely
configure your browser to stop the junk from\
coming in. Really works great!
One time payment – full time protection.


Article: What is a VPN?
We are your MSP for VPN services.
Browse/Surf the Internet safely with best of breed
As your service provider we install and maintain
your VPN for you. Surf safely while we manage your
Virtual Private Network (VPN) and keep your life
Although the application is simple to use, sometimes
you can use some help so we provide free
technical support.
Surf in Private – Find out more, Click Here

CUSA Care: Patch Management

Patch Manager – Windows Patches
for Workstations and Servers

Computers constantly need updates,
patches and upgrades but those processes
can interrupt your work day or delay the start
of work by rebooting endlessly. Patch management
can control when, where and how your computers
update. Best of breed from SolarWinds.

It knows which updates are important,
critical, and when should they be applied.
It keeps track of what’s important and updates your
equipment on your timetable.
CUSA Care monitors updates, patches and
installs the right software, at the right time for you.
Current Price is $2.99/Mo.

CUSA Care: Mail Assure

Stop SPAM in it’s tracks, before it gets into your
email account(s).

Works in the cloud so your computer doesn’t use
resources, that slow you down. Control Junk and SPAM
before it invades email. Domain required.
This is the time and money savings alternative to
deleting unwanted emails yourself. Best of breed
from SolarWinds

Due to the complexity of email, the requirements
for Mail Assure will require a review of your
server/workstations before a quote. Typical job
bills out about $1k for setup of 5 users
and $3.99 each user/Mo.

Documents You Need For:

Suggestion: Print documents, fill in and sign
take cell phone photo, or scan document and email to:
Or US Mail to:
ComputersUSA, 5433 Clayton Road, Suite M, Clayton, CA 94517
Call 925-672-9989 for other options.

NOTICE: All MSP Orders

For all MSP Services use the BUY NOW button
provided with each service.

Please note: All orders will be verified by phone
for security purposes. We will call you
at the number you have provided to confirm
your order and install your services.
Please allow up to 24 hours for your call.
Thank you.
All pricing subject to change without
prior notification.

Price: from $2.99$2.99
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