CUSA Care MSP-Managed Services:
Cyber Security
Health Monitoring
Auto Repair

CUSA Care Medium
CUSA Care Medium
Managed Services:
Cyber Security
Health Monitoring
Automatic Repairs

ComputersUSA 925-672-9989

When we say “Managed Services” we mean that we do the work
of updating, scans and monitor progress, report and fix errors or issues,
and have our tech standing by to answer all your computer
related questions.
Cyber Security

CUSA Care CyberGuards your Cyber Army
against crime. Military Grade Anti-Virus,
Malware Prevention, Ransom blocking, anti-Trojan,
and hacking prevention. The ultimate anti-virus.

Fully automatic protection with an Army of
computers and servers working together. No downloads,
no scans to perform, no worries about quality.
No false positives pop-ups asking if it should
protect you, or a pop-up trying to sell you an upgrade.
Fully transparent, managed for you by pros. Transferable.

  • PCs & Small Business Workstations – $6.99/mo.
  • Servers – $12.99/Mo.

Cyber Security INCLUDES: Basic Health Monitoring
Professionals monitor the basic health of your
computer, like hard drive/solid state drive status,
RAM and network usage. Add PRO version to predict failures.
Monitors peripherals, Printers, Routers,
etc. Health Monitoring integrates well
with our Security elements. It will
automatically detect and report problems.
so they can be solved swiftly.
Required for any of our services.

  • PC’s/Workstation $1.00
  • Servers $2.00
Fully Managed Offsite Backup

In an Instant…

Poof, in an instant your data, photos, documents
can disappear caused by hackers, computer failures,
fire, theft and user errors.
CUSA Managed backup with 256 Bit encryption
for your data security. 100% HIPAA compliant.
Options: Bootable bare metal, incremental, etc.
fully customizable. We do everything for you.

  • PC’s/Workstations 1TB from $14.99/month.
  • PC’s/Workstations over 1 TB add $2.99/TB.
  • Servers 1TB from $69.99/month.
  • Servers over 1TB add $2.99/TB.
CyberGuard Automatic (OTTO) Repair PRO

PRO for Workstations and Servers
Auto detection of devices on your computer
and or network by probe or agent. Proactive
monitoring of your equipment and security
software. We can automatically detect
and fix many common problems,
clean and maintain disk space,
clean virus and malware (needs Security Suite), update
programs on devices, reset printers and begin repairs or,
processes, many times before you realize
you need help. The PRO version is a proactive
protectionand monitoring for Workstations and Servers.

  • CyberGuards OTTO Health-Workstation & Repair PRO
    $12.99/device/month with Proactive Auto Repair Service
  • CyberGuards OTTO Proactive Auto Repair Service-Server PRO
    $34.99/server/mo. with Proactive Auto Repair service
CyberGuard PATCHES

Patch Manager – Windows Patches
for Workstations and Servers

Computers constantly need updates,
patches and upgrades but those processes
can interrupt your work day or delay the start
of work by rebooting endlessly. Patch management
can control when, where and how your computers
update. It knows which updates are important,
critical, and when should they be applied.
It keeps track of what’s important and updates your
equipment on your timetable.
CUSA-Care monitors updates, patches and
installs the right software, at the right time for you.

  • CyberGuards PATCHES-Workstation $1.99/mo./workstation
  • CyberGuards PATCHES-Server $9.99/mo./server

Documents required for CUSA Care: Cyber Security:

Documents required for CUSA Care: Backup

Suggestion: Print documents, fill in and sign
take cell phone photo, email to:
Or mail to: ComputersUSA, 5433M Clayton Road, Clayton, CA 94517
Call 925-672-9989 for other options.

Price: from $1.00$1.00
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