Toshiba HN6202N
Cleaning Kit


Cleaning Kit for Notebook/Laptop/Tablet Screens
Nice cleanup
A Cleaning Kit can help keep your laptop computer or mini notebook clean and fingerprint-free. It includes three handy tools: a cleaning solution spray for removing dust and dirt, a gentle micro fiber cloth that polishes and cleans your laptop, and a retractable soft brush to keep your laptop’s hard-to-reach areas free from dust and crumbs. With this affordable cleaning kit your laptop will be clean all the time.

•Unique cleaning ammonia-free solution and micro fiber cloth removes stains and oily fingerprints without scratching your laptop surface or LCD screen.
•The soft brush removes dirt and dust effectively from hard-to-reach areas and can be retracted and stored when not in use.
•Can be used to clean cameras, camcorders, LCD/CRT displays, CD or DVD discs and keyboards.
•Micro Fiber Cloth (Grey): 4.53” H x 7.28” W
•Cleaning Solution Spray (12 c.c.): 3.22” H x 0.79” D
•Retractable Brush (Blue): 100% Wool; 3.27” H x 0.98” W

Price: $9.99