Vcomcable DVI
M-M DVI 10′

10 Foot DVI M to DVI M

VCOM CG441-10FEET-BLACK 10ft DVI Dual Link Male to DVI Dual Link Male Cable
– DVI (24+1) connector, male to male, 2 ferrite, high fidelity design
– Plug dust cap protection, pug and play, stable signal transmission
– Conductor is adopted high purity single crystal oxygen-free copper. The outer conductor is adopted high density foaming PE insulation material, which has effect on strengthening the digital signal transmission and make it faster
– The signal stranded wires are adopted 125% dedicated shielding aluminum foil, and the outer is adopted high density braid shielding, which can isolate the ouside signal interference and keep the signal loss to the minimum
– Adopted the DVI (24+1) standard plug, high purity cathode copper pin stich, make sure the service life of the product and stability of signal transmission
– Anti electromagnetic two ferrite design, make sure stability of long-distant transmission effect, more clear and real
– The DVI cable doesn’t support audio; please prepare the audio cable by yourself
– Cable Length: 10.0 ft
– Color: Black

Price: $19.99
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