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Extended Warranty

ComputersUSA! Extended Warranty
Nearly all computer hardware and software
warranties expire in one year or
less. If your warranty expires and your
components, hardware, or software
fail – you could be looking at expensive
repairs or a loss of data or
your equipment.
Standard Warranty Details – Click Here

During the life of your products you may
experience a failure that
is not covered under the original
manufacturer’s one year warranty.
Repair issues can crop-up long after
your year warranty has expired.
This occurrence can happen – so protect yourself.

CUSA extendes this coverage for an
additional year past the
expiration of the manufacturers warranty.
Your invoice is proof of warranty purchase.
No registration required.

Warranty Coverage:

Two instances of service for everything
purchased from CUSA
on the same invoice with warranty coverage.
We cover Hardware ONLY:

  • Physical component failure
  • Screen replacement – Laptop or monitor
  • Power jack replacement
  • AC Adaptors
  • Keyboards
  • Mice
  • Speakers
  • Monitor
  • Flash Drives
Not Covered:

Software is not covered. Data recovery
from a failed drive(s) Acts of God, nature
or personal abuse to the
system will void warranty.
Don’t take the chance your computer will
need expensive to repair.
We do not cover any software
defects, repairs or replacement.

Price: from $100.00
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