XP Refresh to New Operating System
Special Bundle

Refresh your computer’s old XP software
to Windows 7 Home Premium
or Windows 8.1 Home Premium.

Here’s the Software Bundle:
– Genuine Windows 7 or Windows 8.1.
– 32Bit or 64 Bit configuration depending on EXISTING XP configuration.
– Save your data, documents, spreadsheets and photos in XP and restored
in Windows 7 or 8. You’ll find your files in the Old_C directory.
– Updates and patches for O/S you have chosen, so you’re ready to go when you
get it back.

If your computer needs Hardware Upgrades to be Compliant
Optional Hardware Bundle:
If your computer needs a larger Hard Drive, better video, or more RAM to be
compliant with the new operating system, we will install, our option, new or
certified used parts depending on availability and requirements of your computer.
Note: Choose Optional Bundle in Dropdown Price menu below.

Please allow 10 days for this service. If you need your
computer sooner then, the regular non-bundle rates apply.

Notice: A refresh is a totally NEW operating system installation.
All your old applications/programs/apps will NOT be installed, you must
install them separately. The 32 Bit OS is for older computers and you will
not receive media. This is a Genuine License only.

Your data will be moved to a directory called “ Old_C “.
Once you have your apps reinstalled then look in the Old_C folder for your

Price: from $299.99
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