Slim Notebook Computers Are IN

By William Claney

This year CES (Consumer Electronics Show – Las Vegas, Nv.) has two standout electronic marvels out of more than twenty thousand products exhibited. Two products stand out of the pack according to more than one-hundred fifth thousand attendees at the Las Vegas convention centers. One of the standouts focus on advances with smart phones and the other is all about the ultra thin notebooks.
And, slim is in.

The first ultra thin was first introduced by Apple Computer nearly two years ago. Apple’s MacBook Air was much envied by many manufacturers and they have responded with a Windows version for everyone. The new ultra thins are fast, sleek, light-weight, and inexpensive.

Let’s see what you get, and what you don’t in an ultra thin. First, as the name implies you get a sleek, thin notebook computer. Most ultra thins laptops on the market today are about ½ inch high (or about 13mm) at the hinge side of the notebook. That’s about half the thickness of the current version of notebooks. This advance was brought about by Intel, a major US chip manufacturer and others, who have trimmed the size of their chips so they take up less space and height when mounted inside the notebook. This re-engineering along with other strides in the industry have resulted in this thin success.

Speaking of the Intel inside (meaning an Intel CPU), these CPU’s are quick and efficient giving the user a delightful response to commands, launching programs and web surfing. The clock speed isn’t as important as your perception of speed. You should be delighted with the specs., but remember notebooks are not desktops and can’t perform at the desktop or workstation level. (Note: Do you want to know why they can’t perform like a desktop? Drop an email to the Clayton Pioneer and request this topic.)

Most ultra thin notebooks sport a 14 to 15” screen so they stay light-weight. The compact size also gives them a bit more durability. However, larger screens, up to 17” are available. The graphics and rich color fills will thrill the most stolid among you. Say hello to mini HDMI the new twist on the high def video out on most models.

Performance features include instant on and instant access to your favorite web portal is achieved by keeping the computer in standby mode for up to fifty hours and full operation for an estimated seven hours. So, you switch it on and the computer screen pops back exactly where you left it in your last session. In addition, the switch from hard drives to solid state drives is most evident with ultra lights providing longer battery life and more impact durability.

But wait… There’s more. Actually there’s less. Ultra slims are truly remarkable, however, don’t expect the ultras to be the same as most laptops because they lack features like CD ROM drives, high speed cooling systems, USB links, video outputs and printer connections have been eliminated so they can be thinner and lighter.

These computers are remarkable, reliable and fun to use. Along with the ultra slim size and light-weight design you’ll enjoy bright full screens, Dolby sound and years of service life. With features like these it is understandable that ultra light-weight notebooks were one of the two showstoppers of the CES show this year.