OMG It’s the Feds – Now What?

Press Release
Computer Related Article
By Will Claney – Tech Writer

OMG It’s the Feds

The Feds are now monitoring your computer usage and you could be in trouble because the email message says, “[your] IP address was identified by the Computer Crime & Intellectual Property Section (of the Federal Government) as visiting child pornography and other illegal content.” This could have been you, OMG your spouse or worse, your children. You’re in a heap of trouble now. What should you do?
The message continues and advises you not to worry because there is a way to set thing straight again. The Feds have a way out. Just pay the $100.00 fine and you’re off the hook.
[Ed note: This scam is now charging $300.00!! Woe]


Yes, it’s true. Just pay the $100.00 fine and your cash strapped government will give you a pass on your intellectual failures. Oh, by the way, check out our special web site and take a look at our special offer.
Perhaps, the phone rings, it’s a call from Microsoft or Google and they want to help you out by removing offending malware software. Of course, they need access to your computer and they will log into your computer remotely to fix the problem for you. How great is this? A major company interested in helping you? Their fee is just a hundred bucks, and you don’t have to do anything except going to their web site for help. What a deal.


What’s really going on? According to the Internet Complaint Crime Center (IC3), “Users are lured into going to a URL for a ‘drive-by download’ website, which installs a Trojan (called Reveton) onto their machine using the Citadel platform. This Trojan then freezes their computer and displays a warning screen notifying the user that ‘the user’s IP address was identified by the Computer Crime & Intellectual Property Section as visiting child pornography and other illegal content.’ And they have to pay $100 to the Federal Government, via credit card or wire transfer, to clear their record.”
This brand of malware is called ransom-ware. It’s the latest threat to your security and your pocketbook. It’s a scam. The allegation of misconduct, the phone call, the free repair, the guilt, the access to your computer it’s all a SCAM. “There are still a lot of [uninformed] people on the internet, judging from the latest scam the FBI just warned against,” according to IC3.
Could it happen to you? No, of course not. No possible way it would happen here, not in our town, not my backyard. Okay. Tell that to more than a dozen victims already involved in this scam in Clayton, CA a small western town. They have a newspaper that provides users with computer best practice advice on a regular basis.

Even so, it is happening.