Gear Head
Wireless Nano Mouse

Gear Head 878260002085

Gear Head MP2475PUR
Wireless Nano Mouse

You will be able to complete your tasks faster using the
Gear Head Wireless Nano Mouse! This mouse will help you
scroll through documents and navigate web pages with ease.
The optical sensing technology as well as the automatic
wireless synchronization makes it possible for the mouse
to give a steady and seamless performance. It uses 2.4GHz
wireless connectivity and has a stowable nano receiver that
allows easy setup. You won’t experience any wrist problem
thanks to its soft design which provides a comfortable grip.
Also you have a scroll wheel built-in adding extra functionality.
Pick your Gear Head Wireless Nano Mouse today!

– 2.4GHz wireless connectivity via nano USB
– Connects to the system using wireless technology
– Soft design – allows easy use
– Built-in scroll wheel – for ease of scrolling

Price: $19.99
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