Compatible Cable
Apple Certified Lightning to USB-A 6′

Apple Lightning to USB A
6ft MFi Certified Lightning to USB

Charge/Sync Cable for Apple iPod, iPhone, iPad, Black

Charge and sync your newer Apple iPod, iPhone,
or iPad with the Lightning connector using this
MFi Certified Lightning to USB charge &
sync cable. This cable is designed specifically
for the newer Apple devices, such as the iPhone 5,
which use the Lightning connector.

The reversible 8-pin Lightning connector can
be plugged into your device with either side
facing up, meaning there is no wrong way of
inserting the cable into the device.
This durable cable is compliant with Apple
MFi Standard.

What is MFI Certified? MFI
(“Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad”) is Apple’s
product licensing program for developers
of hardware and peripherals for Apple’s iPod,
iPad and iPhone. Apple tests and certifies
products from these developers to guarantee
complete compatibility and functionality with
Apple devices.

Why is MFI Certification important to me?
Non-MFI products are not tested and could
be incompatible with your Apple devices.
This simply means the cable will not fully
charge or your iPhone, iPad or iPod and
could short out, stop functioning and
damage your devices. Every time there is
an iOS update, non-MFi certified cables
become incompatible and obsolete.

Compatible with newer Apple devices with
a Lightning connector:

• iPad Air
• iPad with Retina display (iPad 4th generation)
• iPad mini
• iPad mini with Retina display
• iPhone 5, 5s, 5c
• iPod nano 7th generation
• iPod touch 5th generation

Price: $24.99
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